as seen by Point of Sale Operator with Touchscreen


CATERMAN Cashless catering at the EPOS operator terminal can be tailored by an empowered user to present a screen as preferred by the operator

Generally, for an operator with a touch screen, this means big buttons, easy to see and select without too much effort. They must be well separated from each other, so that the wrong button is not selected by accident.

While CATERMAN can use dedicated POS terminals specifically designed as such (provided they support standard browser operation), any PC will suffice, so the cheapest functional PC (desktop, laptop, notebook, with or without touchscreen) can be used, and in practice a wireless mouse is very difficult to beat for ease of operator use.

Two examples of CATERMAN in operation by an EPOS operator are available here, in the form of a PowerPoint presentation CATERMAN EPOS PowerPoint or a short movie made using a PC as an EPOS terminal connected to a CATERMAN server over the internet using a standard 2mb ADSL broadband connection, description available on the BT TradeSpace facility at (select the video option), or EPOS Description and video at EPOS Video. The video is low-definition due to space constraints, but was shot in real time.