for Nutritionists and Dieticians


For each recipe individual serving, CATERMAN accommodates assignment of full nutrient/vitamin/mineral analysis, and also a “Healthy Eating” score (for example, the WXY score for each food as indicated in the September 2005 Nutrient profiles: Further refinement and testing of Model SSCg3d Final Report published by University of Oxford).

With this facility, a diner may be provided on request with an itemised receipt detailing the nutrient/vitamin/mineral content and/or the “Healthy Eating Score” (HES) for each recipe purchased individually and in total or just in total.

Consequently, an empowered CATERMAN password holder may produce reports for any date/time or range of dates/times for any individual or designated (by type or analysis code(s)) group of individuals, showing purchased recipe nutrient/vitamin/mineral content and/or HES. Should the individuals be in a closely monitored environment, where the actual consumption by the individual is recorded at dish-collection time, then an analysis of actual consumption rather than purchased/provided is available (see Maintenance of Consumption Screen).

An example of a report may be found at Sample List of Recipes Purchased/Consumed in Period (in the live system, clicking on a recipe code brings up a recipe display similar to Recipe for Jacket Potato with Beans).

Menus may be selected for analysis (based on one serving of all or selected recipes from the menu) and subsequent choice of further menus is accumulated so that, for example, a diner’s choices from menus over a period of time (say, a week) may be accumulated and displayed. This is particularly useful for menu planning especially where stipulated nutritional targets or guidelines must be met.

To facilitate the assignment of nutrient/vitamin/mineral analysis to recipes, a link is provided to a suitable food analysis tool web site (either NATS Nutrition Analysis Tools and System for a simple analysis, or US Department of Agriculture National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference for a complete analysis of known vitamins/minerals) so that the analysis in the form of a table can be copied and pasted into the recipe (N.B. This is not part of CATERMAN, and no permissions or assurances of accuracy are given or implied.). A sample recipe amendment screen is Recipe Maintenance Screen where the vitamin/nutrient analysis has been aggregated from USDA queries by CATERMAN.

If you need a particular type of report or analysis based on the collected data Tell us about your particular requirements!  Further reports on existing database contents may be considered of general benefit and hence incorporated into standard CATERMAN at no extra charge! However, please remember that CATERMAN only provides the data for analysis, and is not an analytical tool – you will need to extract the data from CATERMAN in the form of a report or database or XML and import it into your analysis/statistics systems. A typical report Nutrient/vitamin Daily Analysis for a Period Omitting No-Data days may be copied/pasted into a spreadsheet giving Spreadsheet Available for Graph Generation, etc.


N.B. No responsibility is accepted if CATERMAN is used to administer drugs, medicines or treatments in a menu cycle regime.