·      Economical

Cheap to run, from £100/$125/€120 per month per concurrent power user, no increases. No set-up cost, no housekeeping, no data backing-up, no IT equipment except PCs with internet connection.

·       Powerful

Grow to as many users as you want, use CATERMAN’s comprehensive and constantly expanding facilities from cashless catering, menus, recipes, ordering, receiving, catering management, right thru to accounts and soon to include contract monitoring and more.

·       Flexible

Any authorised PC/user can perform any task anywhere there is an internet connection. Interact with any other system automatically thru the screen. Tailor any user screen to your preference – graphics, text, font, different languages, vocals, etc.

·       Resilient

Fault with your PC/EPOS terminal? Use another – they are only standard PCs! Internet connection problem? LAN, dial-up, mobile phone, Wi-Fi, you can use any of these! Even failure of your electricity supply – if you haven’t got UPS how about a laptop and a mobile phone? Those are problems at your end, but what about problems at our end? Web-server inaccessible? Use an alternative! See our four-tier system design!

·       Secure

Data is held in encrypted form on multiple geographically discrete servers located somewhere on the internet – very difficult to physically find! Data can only be read thru CATERMAN, by password holders, and passwords can be restricted to only one or a range of IP addresses. It’s in your control!(See our info on passwords!) Disaster Recovery? No longer a worry!

·       Advanced

With our advance ordering facilties, your customers can order their meal upto a week in advance or as soon as possible, using either the internet or their mobile phone! Imagine the impact on queue times, wastage, counter space, staff resources! Your customer's selections appear on the EPOS terminal as soon as identification is made or the customer is identified as soon as the order number is given, with the normal facilities for verification, selection change, payment, etc.

·       Efficient

For a typical college/university, why not let students who have mobile phones set up their own accounts? Save all that time on administration and maintenance of accounts by issuing a meal voucher with the students matriculation card/ travel pass / library card/ etc. The student merely enters his/her details over the internet and the voucher number/ verification code to credit the account. You can amend the account at any time if necessary or the student requests it, but in the vast majority of cases, the task is complete! The student has a zero-level password with which advance orders may be placed either by SMS text message or by internet, previous consumption and nutritional analysis inspected, account status checked, money/vouchers/credit or debit card payments paid on to the account, etc. Money paid on to the account goes directly to YOUR bank account, NOT ours - we have no access to your money!

CATERMAN for Schools, Colleges and Universities